About us


For over 80 years we have been importing fruit from all over the world, offering our clients a quality service; what drives us is our history, precise values, a great team work and most of all the passion that we put every day in everything we do. And it is in this way, that a family company has reached a primary position in the italian scene of importation and distribution of fruit and vegetable products.
We have an intense development program, both in the distribution sector, with specific attention to the mass market but without leaving out the affectioned client base of the traditional markets, and in the purchase sector, maintaining strong historic connections with most of the biggest fruit and vegetable makers in the different states of origin.


ABC History


In 1925 Cherubino Pagni started the maturation process of bananas through homemade systems. This way was born a company characterized by a family conduction.

Afterwards his son Attilio invested on the historic plant of Magliana,which represented the base for a bigger project bounded to the importation of fruit and vegetable products,as bananas and pineapples, with the company name Azienda Banane Coloniali.
In 1949 Attilio Pagni built the Alimentari rtofrutticoli SPA,enlarging further the products range. enlarging further the products range.

With the entry in the company of the son Sandro,the ABC managed to establish itself on the national market as the sector’s leader group, although maintaining its family identity.

Today, the corporate structure consists of Sandro,who is the president, the son Attilio and the daughter Diletta,and the cousin Cherubino Pagni.