The structure is founded on an administrative organization based in the center of Rome and a commercial organization located in the new Centro Agroalimentare Romano.

We have an intense development program, both in the distribution sector, with specific attention to the mass market but without leaving out the affectioned client base of the traditional markets, and in the purchase sector, maintaining strong historic connections with most of the biggest fruit and vegetable makers in the different states of origin.

But the real strong points, the company’s peculiarities are:


1. We choose the best products directly from the state of production. Trying to contain the distribution chain as much as possible, thanks to our distribution centers we get to cover efficiently all the national territory.
From management, conservation, maturation and any other treatment of goods. Our experts use modern instruments and operate with full respect of the HACCP e ISO9001 – 2008 procedures. We have strict, accurate and punctual quality controls. Goods are constantly controlled both in the state of origin and in our bases, in order to verify the conformity with the requested quality standards. External laboratories of proven reliability take care of the the sanitary aspect. Our clients can freely consult the results of chemical analysis done on our products for the research of pesticides and fungicides

2. We have qualified and constantly updated personnel, who is able to handle unexpected situations and to quickly fit the thousand market demands, assisted by a modern and functional E.D.P. System, which allows for managing a huge flow of goods in a fast and efficient way. The familiar climate does not effect the working standards, guaranteeing an optimal control by our staff in every operative phase from management to maturation, without missing out transport. This last one is characterized by a reliable organization, which guarantees a fast and safe goods traffic, both in arrival and in departure from our platforms;

The results of our work and our passion?

Every year we handle around 20 000 tons of bananas, 5 000 tons of pineapples, 6 000 tons of citrus fruits, 2 000 tons of pears, 1 000 tons of apples, 2 0000 tons of melons and 10 000 tons of other products among various and exotic fruits, vegetables and dried fruit. In this way, we have reached in 2011 a turnover of approximately 40.000.000,00 €, confirming the constant increase obtained from 2005 until today.